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CLASSIC HONEY MEAD (MET CLASSIC) Honey Mead with Nothing Added (11% ABV) 0.75l
Classic Honey Mead - Premium Honey Mead with Nothing Added

CLASSIC HONEY MEAD (MET CLASSIC) Honey Mead with Nothing Added (11% ABV) 0.75l

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0.75l Bottle (11% ABV)

Honey Mead/Wine Made Only with Natural Honey. The Drink of the Vikings!

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This product contains alcohol;

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Customer Reviews

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Treat yo self!

So I started drinking Konig Klause about a year ago when it was still available on Amazon. Honestly it's my go to drink now. Love the stuff. Normally drinks where you can taste the alcohol I wouldn't go out of my way for but it's very faint and it works really well. Lovely warm feeling after a sip.

So I found the website from the brochure and ordered more. Delivery was quick enough. About half a week or so to the UK. No complications.

So yeah I'll be ordering this more. Looking forward to trying the strawberry flavoured version as well.