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Beautiful Bee House - Solid Wood and Bamboo - Apoidea
Beautiful Bee House - Solid Wood and Bamboo - Apoidea

Beautiful Bee House - Solid Wood and Bamboo - Apoidea - Save The Bees!

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Europe is home, in addition to the humble honeybee, hundreds of other wild bees. These bees help fertilise plants and flowers in your garden. Because of the declining flora and nesting possibilities, many of these species are now endangered. This bee house offers a perfect nesting accommodation to these colonies. A female bee makes in one hollow bamboo stick several cells with one egg and a mixture of pollen and nectar to feed the larvae. Hang this bee house in a sunny south facing spot!

Product Details

  • Main Material: Solid Wood
  • Material: Pinewood & Bamboo


No Assembly Required

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Weight & Dimensions

H 22.9 cm x W 16.9 cm x D 12.2 cm
Overall Product Weight
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