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PIRATE BLOOD (PIRATEN-BLUT) Honey Mead - Blackcurrant Flavour (11% ABV) 0.75l
PIRATE BLOOD (PIRATEN-BLUT) Honey Mead - Blackcurrant Flavour

PIRATE BLOOD (PIRATEN-BLUT) Honey Mead - Blackcurrant Flavour (11% ABV) 0.75l

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PIRATE BLOOD (PIRATEN-BLUT) Honey Mead Mixed with Blackcurrant Berry Juices

0.75l Bottle (11% ABV)

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This product contains alcohol;

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Hales
Stunning plus great service!

Another winner, like the Cherry BUT eeven more importantly, service was amazing. Parcelforce screwed up the delivery and soon as i reported it i had not only an email but a follow up phone call in minutes! Absolutely brilliant team. buy with total confidence. They kicked parcelforces arse and it was there the next day. thank you.

Hey John, Thank you for the review, they certainly felt the 'Sting' in our tail! ;-) Team Honey Bee!!

Quality as always.

Yet another amazing quality product from honig klause.

My go to is their viking blood (Cherry) mead, which if you havent tried, you need to.. but ive order one of a variety to try most of them and see what each are like.

I tried this one today, for me the flavour wasnt as much to my taste and tasted very much like a quality red wine which maybe i should of worked out before hand, but thats not to say it isnt nice, i still enjoyed it and its packs a lovely flavour and i would imagine if you enjoy a nice sweet red wine, this is the one for you.

But overall, it well deserves atleast a 4/5.

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